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How to start a Pharmaceutical manufacturing unit?

For every passionate and dedicated professional starting up pharma manufacturing unit is the dream come true. There are several who have experience in the niche but step back due to lack of knowledge, experience or budget. The encouraging and initial steps taken by the government for people welfare have made things much easier. Here we try to guide you with the right knowledge that let you to easily start your own manufacturing unit. The two common types of pharmaceutical companies are Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Company & Pharmaceutical Marketing Company. One can make their choice depending upon the capabilities, experience and market demand.

When you enter into the Pharma world as a career seeker you will never be deprived of opportunities. The demand for the various pharmaceutical products signifies the success of the industry. In the last few decades, the Indian Pharmaceutical company has grown at nearly 12-15 percent. The sector has warmly welcomed small and mid-size firms along with the global players. one can set up the different manufacturing plant as per the requirement and demand.

Manufacturing units in the pharmaceutical sector are: –

  • Generic Pharma manufacturing company
  • Ethical pharmaceutical
  • OTC Pharma manufacturing company
  • Ayurvedic manufacturing company
  • Gynae Range manufacturing company
  • injectable range manufacturing company
  • Export-oriented Pharma manufacturing company
  • import oriented Pharma manufacturing company
  • Hospital supply and distribution
  • Manufacturing of surgical devices

List of documents required: –

Documentation is the most important step in ethical manufacturing practices. For starting your own manufacturing unit, you cannot step further without some important documentation. The proper company documentation signifies about its quality management. The important documentation required for starting the manufacturing unit is:

  • The copy of bank challan
  • Precise detail of authorized partners
  • Original letter of loan license
  • One needs to have DSC (Digital Signature certification), DIN (Director Identification Number)
  • PAN (Permanent Account Number)
  • TAN (Tax Deduction and Collection Number)
  • Identity Proof, Address Proof, latest electricity bill are the other important requirements
  • Fee receipts

Conclusion: –

For having successful growth in the Pharma sector, one should have a basic knowledge before starting the pharmaceutical manufacturing unit. There is a number of points that one need to consider. Besides understanding the requirement and demand one must have approximate knowledge of the minimum area required. the setup needs to have sufficient space for raw material, quality control section, office and rejected goods.

Starting up the new company or project is hectic. We make continuous efforts to save money and cut the extra cost. Apart from the essential documentation one needs to have emergency money to save money from the crisis.  Definitely, no one will like the idea of their startup to be a failure. Though the government has made reliable channels for documentation, one can successfully have a bright future in the pharma world.

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